Objectives of The DFW Alliance for Religious Freedom



  • Bring together people of faith, business, politics and general interest to jointly promote and defend RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE in the DFW metroplex
  • Encourage interfaith understanding through broad ranging invitations, gatherings, meetings and reciprocal visits across metroplex faith and religious groups
  • Facilitate, sponsor and encourage cordial and mutually supportive interfaith conferences, forums, luncheons and conversations amongst DFW faith adherents and leaders
  • Bring together public interest groups and parties of varying or opposing views to seek common ground and freedom and fairness for all
  • Promote civil discourse, without discord, amongst those with differing views and opinions on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE


  • Use social and print media to disseminate ideas and materials related to RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE,
  • Discuss and understand the impact of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE on DFW businesses and the economy,
  • Explain, discuss, explore and understand the implications of current legislation and court cases on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE,
  • Elicit and understand views of political parties, jurists and candidates related to RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE> (while remaining strictly nonpartisan and apolitical),


  • Foster and promote institutional and interfaith action plans amongst DFW religious and community groups to support RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE in the Metroplex,
  • Inspire and promote individual action plans amongst public citizens and congregants of all faith and community groups to support RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE in their daily lives and interactions,
  • Engage law makers and jurists in defense of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND EXERCISE,

Involve God

  • Solicit the help and support of Almighty God in securing and defending the right to worship and practice faith according to one’s own beliefs and faith traditions.